How Can You Boost Customer Experience Using AI Chatbots?

2 years ago

Boost Customer Experience Using AI Chatbots | Asktalos
Boost Customer Experience Using AI Chatbots | Asktalos
          Bots or chatbots were initially integrated into the call centres to offer self-service options, take care of simple tasks and give 24/7 availability for callers. Now, companies are increasingly using AI chatbots to assist customer support agents who struggle to keep up with calls and messages, personalize interactions, guide customer journeys, and ultimately improve customer experience. 
          Now, before going ahead, you must already know - what are chatbots? Because in this blog, we will deep dive into the world of conversational AI and understand how you can boost customer experience using AI chatbots?
          Don't know what are chatbots? Chill. Here is a quick explainer - Chatbots generate natural responses to your questions, queries, or doubts using natural language processing and ML algorithms, and this function is shown in friendly chatboxes (on digital screens).
          Now back to our main topic. There are 3 important points you need to look for to increase customer experience with chatbots.

1.  Personalisation

          Chatbots can offer advanced levels of personalisation that fulfil the psychological needs of the user. Modern chatbot solutions are highly customisable and are not shrink-wrapped generic solutions. For example, AskTalos can be programmed in n number of ways and can almost mimic human interaction; It can have a personality and a character for one audience and a different persona for the other; It can be programmed with different types of conversational styles, such as technical, friendly, helpful, snarky or humorous; And the best part is it can remember the person, doesn't matter even if there are millions, and fetch data from previous conversations to lead a quality chat.

2.  Knowledge Depository

          Nowadays, customers aren't interested in bland word-to-word chats. Instead, what they need are intelligent suggestions and more human-like replies. And this can be made possible by supplying an abundance of information to chatbots. A good knowledge base is what makes a chatbot truly intelligent and categorises it as an intelligent AI chatbot. For example, you can feed information about the company, privacy policy, FAQs, product return guidelines, upcoming events, and more. 
          In addition, by linking the same knowledge base, multi-chatbot implementations (on websites, social media channels and instant messaging apps) can deliver unified communication and unified omnichannel experience.

3.  Redirection

         Yes, customer support is essential. But don't limit AI chatbots’ potential to support only. Use chatbots on websites and applications for direct and cross-sales. Disclaimer: this redirection is not just for e-commerce; rather, any business can leverage this strategy. Companies can use it to personalise customer journeys while offering support, advise customers on shopping choices, recommend products and even assist buyers while placing orders.
          For example, Domino's Pizza has created a chatbot that makes pizza ordering & delivery easy and fast. Using this chatbot, users simply write 'pizza' on Facebook Messenger or ask Alexa or Google Home for pizza. The NLP engine recognises the word and takes the order and sends it to the restaurant, and without any hassle, the pizza gets delivered to their doorstep by the delivery person.


          According to a report by Forrester, 66% of customers said that valuing their time was the most important thing a company could do to give them good service. In this regard, chatbots are a win-win, providing valuable time to its customers and reducing the customer support cost for the company.
          Contact us today to experience our capabilities and what our conversational AI chatbot can do to improve customer experience across all your channels.

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