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per user/month, build annually

What’s Included:

Bot Types

  • Lead Generation Bot

  • Customer Support Bot

  • Ordering Bot

Bots and Chats

  • Number of Bots - 1

  • Number of Chats - 300

Live Chat

  • Live Chat

  • Number of Agents - 1


  • Flow Builder

  • Rich Media Input

  • Inbuilt Data Validation

  • Logical Branching

  • URL based flow


  • Auto-triggering on mobile/desktop

  • On-page chatbot widget

  • Deploy bot on website/blog/app

  • Access bot through Link

  • Redirect to Live Chat

  • Call integration

  • Text-To-Speech

  • Time based greeting

  • Conversion Tracking

Data Access

  • Email notifications

  • CSV Export


All in Lite Plus


per month, build annually

What’s Included:

Bots and Chats

  • Number of Bots - 3

  • Number of Chats - 1000

Live Chat

  • Number of Agents - 10

  • Create Users

  • User Management

  • User Location Track

  • Chat Limit For Agents


  • Appointment Booking

  • Dynamic Response


All in Standard Plus


per month, build annually

What’s Included:

Bots and Chats

  • Number of Bots - 10

  • Number of Chats - 5000

Live Chat

  • Number of Agents - unlimited

  • Department Routing for Agents

  • Team/Departments


  • Real-time Search

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Multi Language Support

  • Auto Email Follow-Up

AI Agents

  • Create AI agents

  • Accurate AI model deployment

  • Train Unlimited FAQs

  • Map Intents to flow

Data Access

  • SMS notifications

  • CRM Integrations

  • Zapier Integrations

  • Webhook integrations

  • Facebook Integration

  • WordPress Integration

  • Jira Integration


  • Hide bot in specific urls

  • Flow Builder

  • Rich Media Input

  • Inbuilt Data Validation

  • Appointment Booking

  • Dynamic Response

  • Teams Bot

  • Custom Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer programme that can interact with a human either via voice or text through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone. These digital assistants can understand user requests and give prompt relevant answers.


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