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How AskTalos Benefits Businesses?

To satisfy today's digital natives, businesses must rethink their customer connections from a fresh viewpoint - across all channels and at every touch point.

To place the client at the centre of everything, AskTalos Customer Relationship Management systems use techniques like predictive modelling, forecasting, data mining, and text mining.

  • Streamline & Automate Processes
  • Make Smarter Offers
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Costs
  • Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

How AskTalos Benefits Businesses?

Get rid of manual, routine tasks. Give your sales team a chance to shine with AskTalos.

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Lead Management

Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify conversion-ready leads, and follow up with detailed contact info. (Facebook, website, and manual entries supported)

Implementation is simple
Contact Management

Get real-time customer insights, communicate with them across channels, and strengthen your relationships. (Automated emails and phone calls supported)

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The AskTalos CRM service consists of many versatile and comprehensive features of the highest quality for all industries.

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Customer service software for any business, any size

  • Provide support across channels

    Solve customer support tickets in one place via the web, email, phone, SMS, and social media.

  • Save time and lower costs

    Quick and easy setup allows you to grow effectively over time.

  • Enhance productivity

    Use workflows, and automation to route your tickets to the right agent.

  • Boost customer satisfaction

    Improve customer service by utilising better data and reducing manual labour.

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Our collaboration with premier solution providers positions us to assist businesses in better understanding their customers and improving discussions.

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When we first thought of getting the CRM solution for our company, we had many questions in our mind. Thanks to AskTalos, not only we got our answers, but also satisfactory results in less than 6 months.


Perennial Technologies Pvt Ltd

Together and in close cooperation with AskTalos CRM service we have achieved the highest company sales.

Shashank Jain

Managing Director, Temico Private Limited